Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Productive & Relaxing Long Weekend - Part 2

Saturday Night: After bf cleaned up from dirtbiking, we joined my mom and her beau for dinner. The remainder of the night is kind of a blur, NOT because I was drunk but because I just have a bad memory. I probably started the 2nd sock and watched TV, maybe some more Guitar Hero with roomie and our honorary roomie (hr).

Sunday: Bf had to go back to work so it was just the usual Sunday for me. Do some chores around house: laundry, bank, prep dinner. I did pull up almost all the weeds around our house, which was A LOT. We pretty much neglected yard work for a good 3 months this summer after I gave up on the veggie garden. The first 4-5 weeks, bf and roomie tried to mow the lawn everyday Friday but they got lazy and so did I. Our backyard & front was completely overgrown. I'll post the before and after pictures of just the area behind the tool shed. Yikes, scary! I also put the floorstep & seat back on the Ruck and went for a ride around the neighbourhood. I don't have a license or insurance so I can't take it on the real streets. She's doing good though! I restarted the 2nd sock several times this day because I counted my increases wrong the previous night and the toe's shape was getting all funky. I passed out while I was knitting from working the weeds in the afternoon, and napped on couch for a few hours. This night I was very happy because after roomie left for our friend's cottage in the middle of the night, and after hr left from post nightly WOW session, I woke up from my nap and bf and I had a really nice time just the two of us until the sun was rising. I really appreciate those times, no matter how insignificant what we did was, when I am reminded just how much I love him. The afterglow of it lasts for days, it's wonderful and brings me to tears just to reminisce on these times even when we are fighting hardcore.

Monday: Not much more again yesterday other than more chores around the house. Bf booked the day off and I'm happy that he actually did it with me. We bagged all the weeds I pulled together, he trimmed the hedge and mowed the lawn while I vacuumed and mopped. He and hr were supposed to take apart the swing set in the backyard to give to bf's buddy at work but as expected, as soon as hr came over, they had a long WOW session until it was dark. So of course, that didn't get done. I also forgot to move all the junk lying around upstairs to the basement which was something else on the chore-list. Oh well, he's still sore from dirtbiking anyways, I'll give him a break. He should really wait until roomie gets back and make the lazy idiot do something anyway. On the knitting forefront, I made it 1/3 of the way up the 2nd sock. Maybe 2 more days and it'll should be done. Then I really need to get back to the secret project that I've been procrastinating on because of all the slow hand sewing that is required. Oy!

On another note, thank you Kathleen for your comment about the sock-knitting class at the LYS. I thought about it a few months ago when I first heard about it and was going to bring my mom along for the class. But she seems uninterested now and after this pair of socks for bf and the secret project, I have to get started on the 2 other projects I bought yarn for during Knitter's Attic's Canada Day sale. Otherwise, I will just feel guilty, break-down and not knit anything. Can't let that happen. :P

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Kathleen said...

Boy, do I hear you on the multiple projects thing. I've got knitting priorities coming out the wazoo, myself :) I'm going to keep teaching the sock course as often as I can (and as long as there are interested students, obviously), so if you ever do want to take it, it will likely be available. Good luck on all your projects!

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