Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Productive & Relaxing Long Weekend - Part 1

Friday night: made it JUST in time to catch The Simpsons Movie and the auditorium we were in wasn't too crowded, even though the rest of the theatre was packed! I was sure we wouldn't get tickets, and if tickets, then no seats. We ended up sitting in a decent spot, smack dab in the middle of the third row in the centre section. I'd say that's prime seating AND there was little complaints from bf and roomie as they are usually such babies about going to the movie theatres on a Friday night. The only thing roomie said was that the guy behind him kept kicking his seat. Honestly, I don't know how "kids" and "teenagers" are always "making snide remarks", "kicking the seat" and generally be very annoying all in the vicinity of their seats. It's like when they sit down, they enter into the cliche bad movie theatre experience universe where everyone is a jerk. I always come out saying it was fine. Pessimists, that's what they are.

Anyhoo, the movie was quite funny, as good as a Simpsons movie released this late in their seasons could be. I personally didn't think they should've waited this long to release it. Sure, now it's a worldwide phenomenon as the commercials are so keen to advertise, and the show has fully permeated popular culture across the globe, but for about 5, maybe more seasons now, it's just not as good as it has been. They shoud've made this movie back at the end of season 10 to mark the 10 year anniversary when the show was truly at its peak. Now, even though the movie was decent enough and contained all the classical Simpsons self-referencing, it's almost become the butt of it's own joke. It's become a vehicle for nostalgia to its own memorable moments. It really isn't new anymore. However, the movie does satisfy the insatiable thirst of both Simpsons fans from new and old generations so it was a great success nevertheless.

Saturday: I probably slept in but honestly can't remember much of what I did. That's a sign of a good holiday! I know I didn't really go out, just hung around the house. I know bf went dirtbiking with a friend in the afternoon and came home all bruised and scratched up. (He likes to brag about the hurt though, hehe.) Oh, now I remember! I finally got off my ass and worked on the Ruckus and I am so proud of myself! I cleaned* the carburetor, drained the engine oil and gas tank, then put in new oil and gas. Now she runs smoothly, no more chugging!

*I say cleaned because I tried to but couldn't take the damn thing apart. Those idiots at Honda put on these dumb-ass Philips screws that are so easy to strip! I thought I was just doing it wrong and got really frustrated with myself for stripping them but after some research on TotalRuckus, it turns out it's not just me. Now I hafta wait until the next major maintenance for bf to remove those screws for me but it's sketchy to remove it via drilling on the carburetor. BAH! So i pretty much just cleaned the outside of it and blew some compressed air through.

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