Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Knitting for Priest

Just have not been knitting. Been getting second sock syndrome and I guess I've been a little bit busy in my spare time (playing Guitar Hero 80's edition). I honestly think my SSS is justified though since the first one turned out pretty crappy. Plus, I have to go back and count the rows and decreases because I free-formed the other one. Anyways, I should have some free time tonight aside from the daily cooking, cleaning and definitely some exercising today. Although I should be moving the random junk upstairs into the basement to prepare for some of bf's relatives coming into town in about 10 days. Bah, why is there never enough free time in the day?!

Now on that twangy Guitar Hero note, there is a song in the 80's edition called Electric Eye by Judas Priest. It has made a convert of me and I've been obsessing for several days now over the greatness and perfection that is Judas Priest. I watched some of the concert footage included in the Metalogy box set from their 1982 Memphis show and was absolutely baffled, awed by their level of skill, showmanship and rock-your-socks-off-dom. They justly deserve the title of Metal Gods. I bow down to them in their skin tight leather and big poodle hair, whips, studs and motorcycle flair... They rocked so hard, it didn't matter that they weren't the hunkiest bunch of any era. The sheer bad-ass-ness of their music just kicks you in the face and screams "Come get some!"

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Kathleen said...

Hi there! I found your blog by Googling "knitters attic" (just to see what I would find). I teach the sock class there and thought I'd let you know about it in case you'd be interested in taking it. You've done such a great job starting out with socks on your own, but you sound a bit frustrated with it, so I figured if you wanted someone else to guide you through the process, you might want to know about the class. The next session starts mid-August if we can get enough students by then. Just contact the shop if you're keen. Regardless, have fun knitting!

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