Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Suddenly Rushing Back...

All of a sudden, the stuff that was "blurry" from Saturday night came rushing back. I think there's good reason why I blocked it out too, IF that is the reason.

Bf's ex and her current roommate drove in from Belleville en-route to Wasaga at 11pm. At first we thought they were gonna come down for a place to stay after a night of partying but they were actually on their way up. It was late to make the trip since they wouldn't get there 'til 2am just before the bars closed but whatever I wasn't the one doing it. For some unknown reason that I never questioned until now, the roommate decided to bring her little Jack Russell with them on this outing, and asked us to dog-sit while they were out. I didn't mind at all because I love dogs and it was so cute to see puppy play with this dinky little thing. Why though, did they even bring this dog? Couldn't they have left it back in Belleville, knowing they were going out for the night? It makes no sense. The scheming and conspiracy portion of my brain is working today...

Anyways, the girls ended up hanging around our house until 12:30 before starting their trek north. Bf gave them specific directions and called his buddies up there to let them have a place to stay. Of course they got lost, and called bf every hour from the time they left until 3:30. They finally found bf's buddies but from 4 until 7am, when bf and I were trying to get to bed because he had work the next day, they called every hour again just babbling about god knows what! (I didn't ask as not to be nosy.) Come on, be a little bit considerate please!

I think what bothered me, apart from it being his ex (there is some back story I can't blog about because it's too personal) is that he didn't really get mad at her over the phone about the constant calls until they showed up the next morning around 11am to pick up the dog. Even then, it was kind of a passing comment. She stands there at the foot of our bed, the two of us literally still IN bed, bf not even moving out of bed, and she just yammers on until pretty much I tell her she has to go. I said those words to the Jack Russell when it almost jumped on bf's bruises and she finally took the hint, which then made me feel rude and guilty. I know the girl is kind of clueless and annoying and I like her as a person but a part of me is a little jealous too even though I try not to be. It's probably why I blocked out the whole night despite all the stuff with the dogs being so adorable.

Anyways, Puppy had a great time annoying this Jack Russell. All night long, JR was being a bitch, biting and tugging at Puppy's wrinkles. Puppy would play-fight with her and JR became completely wet from her slobber. Even after JR learned her place because Puppy is obviously much bigger and unphased by her nibbling attempts, Puppy just kept following her everywhere, nudging her, trying to pick a play-fight. I think she got a bit jealous near the end of the night before bedtime. Several times I had to seperate the two of them and pick up JR because I was afraid Puppy's play-fighting would get too rough, so JR learned to come to me for affection/protection. When we went to bed, JR tried to sleep in our bed at my feet and Puppy started tuggin at JR's hind legs, circling the bed, nudging JR out of her spot, sleeping right beside me and putting her head on my head. That's something she rarely does to me, usually only to bf. I thought we would show Puppy we love her by keeping her in bed with us while JR sleeps elsewhere. So I tried to make JR a nest in the laundry basket by folding the blanket in Puppy's cage into it. As soon as I laid down the blanket in the basket, Puppy stepped right into it and sat down, looking up at us as if to say, "This is mine." She hasn't even stepped into the laundry basket in a year. She used to do it a lot when she was really a puppy, when she could lie down and actually fit in a laundry basket. All these things she did to show us she was jealous was just the cutest I have ever seen. I love my dog.

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