Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Introducing BamBam & Pebbles

Okay I don't actually have pictures of Pebbles but BamBam is quite photogenic, don't you think?

I also caught BB eating the garlic shells I flaked in there from last night. It doesn't look like they've touched the peas but at least one of them is eating. Bf also put in a tiny bit of ground beef & bacon today and he said BB was picking at it. So thank goodness they are eating and hopefully Pebbles is getting some food in her as well.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Crab Shack

I don't know what posessed us to do so but we now have a 5 Gallon tank with 2 Red Claw Crabs setup in our bedroom. We ventured out on Sunday after an early lunch intent on running errands for the rest of the day. After the neccesary trip to the local grocery store we were immediately sidetracked and visited several nurseries. Somehow, this lead us to Petsmart where they had Red Claw Crabs for sale for only $3.99.

Perhaps it is simply because the price is right or we wanted to blow some money on a budget. We decided if we could set them up (crabs and all) for under $50 then it was a done deal. We ended up driving across town to a bigger fish store in search of a better price on tanks & accesories. We scored the tank for around $25. As for the pump, we had an old one at home so we didn't need to buy it. Then last night I went back to Petsmart and got water conditioner for $3, aquarium salt for $2, thermometer for $3, finally $8 for 2 crabs totaling $16. That's only $41 in all plus tax!

We tried feeding them ground up peas but they might've been adjusting to the environment and did not eat. Tonight I will go over to my mom's to steal one of the tiny fish that hatched in their pond last summer, have her donate some fish food and then BamBam & Pebbles are good to go. Thanks to Matt Staroscik's site of centralized information on the little critters, we were able to set up their new home in record time!

I'll try to take some pictures tonight, they're so awesome!
Both our roommates think they are gross...