Friday, June 13, 2008

I dream of Knitting

It seems like I haven't really knit in a long time. No active projects on hand. Everything that are on needles are side projects. I still surf Ravelry, Knitty and all the usual sources for inspiration but time is too precious now. My sister is getting married in about two weeks and a week Saturday I will be on the way to Southeast Asia to visit relatives then to Bali where her small and intimate ceremony will be!

Months back I had thought of knitting her something but I really didn't know what and had I decided what to make, there wouldn't have been time. I am stuck wondering how to spend the money I allotted for her wedding gift...I am terrible. It will be a last minute gift or just a chunk of cash. Maybe I will knit her a closed pouch, with the cash in it. That way it will last forever AND it's sentimental! Just like she wanted!

Anyways. I love the videogame series of Katamari Damacy. Doesn't this look like a Katamari?