Friday, March 11, 2011

Moving stuff to Wordpress

For about two years I've resisted.  Even after I got my Blackberry with 50% off data from work.  I figured Blogger was going the right direction with their so-called mobile blogging feature.

Except this feature has not improved at all since the day of its inception.  Now that Wordpress has free Blackberry and iOS apps for easy posting and managing, with integrated photo and video posting directly from my phone, what is the point of keeping an account on an out-dated blogging platform?

I need to express myself on the go, anywhere, anytime.  Sure nobody's really looking but I want my thoughts out THERE, my way, NOW.  Who has time to sit at home and compose thoughts?  If I have time to sit at my computer after a long day's work, I better be playing WOW.

After today, this will be on