Friday, June 22, 2007

Barcelona Bag

When I made a size M Barcelona Bolero from the Lion Brand pattern, I was left with almost a whole ball of Homespun. I already used about 20 ft to sew up the seams of the bolero, so I can't return a slightly used ball of yarn! That's when I decided to design a matching bag/cluch to the bolero. It really just takes the same stitch patterns on the bolero and applies it to a simple bag shape. This is my first pattern, give me some feedback please. Hope you like it!

DIMENSIONS - 12.5" wide X 7.0" deep w/o handles (make handles as long as you want)

1 ball x Homespun®: Barley - 6 oz/170g, 185 yd/167m (98% acrylic, 2% polyester)
16" Circular Needles Size 10 (6mm) *I knit everything with Denise needles
2 x Stitch Markers
Yarn Needle

13 sts + 18 rows = 4 in. [10 cm] in Broken Rib pattern.

Broken Rib
Row 1: (RS) knit all
Row 2: (WS) * K3, p2, rep from *
Rep Rows 1 & 2.

Round B-Rib
Row 1: (RS) knit all
Row 2: (RS) * P3, k2, rep from *
Rep Rows 1 & 2.

Open Stitch
Row 1: K1, * YO, k2tog, rep from * to last st, k1.
Rep Row 1.

1) When increasing, be sure to incorporate new sts into pattern as established.
2) This only used up about 2/3 of my leftover ball of Homespun, so if you want to make a slightly bigger bag, just adjust the increases or knit more rounds so your base and sides are bigger. If you do make a bigger bag, I suggest making the trim more than 10 rows to balance how it looks on the bag.
3) I used Size 9 needles to get a tighter weave but the size should be similar enough with Size 10 needles.

Base (18 rows)
CO 25 st. R1: Work in Broken Rib.
R2: start Broken Rib with last st of patt (p1), cont patt to end. Inc 1 at beg & end of RS rows 4 times, starting on R3 - 33 st. Cont 9 more rows in patt, dec 1 at beg & end of RS rows 4 times starting on R11 - 25 st. BO.

Sides (30 rows in the round)
Lay base so RS faces up. Pick up 33 st along one side of bag base, try to pick up st to match st in patt on base, place marker - half round. Repeat on other side. Work 33 st in Round B-Rib for half round, stop at marker, repeat Round B-Rib on remaining half round to make one full round. As tubular structure forms, RS should be on the inside. Cont for 25 rounds. Inc 1 at beg & end of half round on both sides every other row 3 times - 78 stitches. BO. Flip piece inside out so that RS is now facing out.

Trim (10 rows)
Pick up 39 st on one side. Work in Open Stitch for 10 rows. BO. Repeat on other side. Sew sides of Trim together. Alternatively, you can just pick up 78 sts and work in 10 rounds of Open Stitch.

Make two 6 st I-cords to lengths of your preference. Sew ends of I-cords to seam between Round B-Rib & Open stitch.

Grab a magnetic clasp and something from the odds & ends bin from the fabric store to sew yourself a lining for a nice finished touch!

Tip: Make the lining no taller than the Open Stitch & Round B-Rib seam to ensure that it is still hidden.

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