Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Dreaming of Loopy-Loops

It's a slow day at work. Month-end madness is over, it's a lazy (though gray) mid-summer Wednesday. Everything's grinding to a halt. It'll be the perfect day to skip out early. The boss and men with offices are all out, and with 5 full hours to go, I pretty much have nothing to do. How is this possible? Well, I won't get into that on this blog, but all this boredom leads me to think about possible knitting projects.

Actually, I already have 3 bags lined up for knitting, but the possibilities are just endless. I've been meaning to make my way down to the LYS to take adavantage of their sale and just to get a better feel of yarn textures out there. The first time I stopped in, I was still "tied down" to a project. I am practically free now. The half-made afghan is just to tide me over until the next fix, it's my knitting rations. Knitters Attic is actually having a sale until this Friday and I tried to get in Sunday but they closed earlier than I expected. I figured on the weekend I would have all the time in the world to pick out what I wanted. Now I'm left with tomorrow only with a measly half to one hour after work if I make it there in time. It's probably for the best. This way I don't have a chance to overspend.

While I dream of the wonderful possibilities, it leads me to reading and research on new techniques far ahead of my skill level but it is just so gosh darn interesting. There are some great pictures and instructions on double-knitting at Stitch Diva and a nice toque pattern on Knitty. Aside from creating a thicker fabric and a positive/negative effect in color, there doesn't seem to be much more use for the technique. Since I don't really like knitted materials that are too hot, it doesn't sound like there is anything I want to try and make. Although in the back of my mind I am convinced there is more to be discovered in it. I'm even reading about crochet but I find diagrams for that to be much more confusing somehow. Maybe I'm tackling too much at the same time, juggling while running before learning to walk kind of thing.

On another note, I noticed today the owner of Knitters Attic had left me a comment on my post about the shop. I have to say I am a little embarrassed because first: I didn't think anybody would ever read my blog but I guess she saw a track back somehow because of the link to their site; second: I am embarassed because I said she was too nice for my taste and I wanted to be a loner. While that is who I am, I hope she isn't offended by my remark. I'm just shy and weird sometimes (most of the time). I meant no harm at all.

I submitted my derivative Barcelona Bag pattern to Knitting Pattern Central over a week ago, hoping to get some people to read this blog, or at least enjoy the feeling that possibly other people in the world are making "my" bag. When I submitted I got a reply from the site owner but it's still not up. Maybe they thought it was a rip-off of the original pattern. It is and it isn't you know? Anyways, I'm a little bummed because I felt so good about it before, oh well.

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