Friday, June 1, 2007

The Very Local Yarn Shop

Having known of this LYS for almost 2 months now, I finally stopped in after work yesterday. The saleslady was very nice and helpful, almost too much for my taste as I was hoping to be a loner and browse the different types of yarn to inspire myself on the next project. The store is very small so that wouldn't have been possible anyways. The selection of yarn is impressive for an operation of such a small size. You can see everything in the store as soon as you walk in but the stacked cubby hole shelving and neatly packed in yarn balls allow for plenty of variety in colors and types. It has a small number of knitting tools and notions for sale as well as a decent selection of pattern books. My only gripe is that prices are not displayed transparently and it forces me to go through the embarassing motions of asking for a price, ultimately feeling cheap in the process. Then again, I have never been to a real yarn store aside from the big chain craft stores so maybe no independently owned yarn store shows their prices.

Anyways, I hope Knitters Attic does well for themselves as it is really the only yarn store north of Toronto before Aurora, except the Chinese ones at Pacific Mall in Markham. I hear the prices there are expensive. It can service a wide area of knitting fanatics if they exist here. With the proper promotion and word of mouth, they should be around for quite some time. Best of luck to them! The best part is, it's less than 5 minutes walk from our house if I just wanted to go!

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Knitters Attic said...

Thanks for your comments. Hope you come back again. Lots of new yarn every week.
Knitters Attic

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