Thursday, July 5, 2007

The Wrist Watch Alarm Clock Radio

Let's face it. Most of us have problems waking up when faced each day with a dreaded 8 hours of mind-numbing work even though often there is no real working involved as I so blatantly whine about here. Everyone has a different wake-up routine and our habits are varied.

Over the years, I've found that the only routine that works for me is to annoy the hell out of myself with a loud alarm that rings repeatedly. That's what clock radios with snooze functions are for, right?. Ah, no. That doesn't work for me. I have to set 5 alarms at random times within the one hour before I absolutely MUST be up. However, since living with my boyfriend and sleeping beside each other and all, it is just inconsiderate to have 5+ loud alarms going off in the morning when he doesn't need to get up until after noon (He works the afternoon to night shift and doesn't go to bed until at least 3AM. Actually neither do I but that's a whole different problem.)

So at one point, my compromise was to use my cellphone as an alarm clock, its ringtone when placed directly under or near the edge of my pillow is piercing enough to the ears that I will wake up from it yet muffled enough as not to wake him up. It is also close enough for me to instantly shut off the alarm until the next one goes off. Unfortunately, that cellphone is no longer functional and my new cellphone only allows me to set ONE stupid alarm!

I started thinking, it would be great for many other couples who work different shifts, to make a wrist watch alarm clock radio with snooze setting and headphone jack. When the radio alarm goes off, you already have your earbuds on the night before and you are good to go in the morning without any worry of waking up your partner. I think that's a great idea with marketing potential. It could save resentment in a lot of couple's lives, especially for those young families working opposite shifts so someone can stay at home with the kids. They're already cranky and stressed. If they can just get more uninterrupted sleep, they would at the very least NOT blame their partner for waking them up, for ruining their lives, tying them down, etc. Everyone is happier when they get better sleep and they won't have as many crazy thoughts.

Anyways, in search of something like this on the market, I came across this site called Wrist Dreams. It's a daily blog showcasing the latest fashion/gadget watches. I haven't gone through too much of the site but it does look like mostly men's watches but god, they are so cool! That's another gripe I have though, why can't they make nice, classy but cool gadget-y watches for women too. There're plenty of geeky fashion conscious babes out there! We want something too!

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