Friday, June 29, 2007

Best $50 spent!

What was the greatest purchase of your life? It may be the most expensive, the most value for the dollar, the most enjoyment to dollar ratio, etc. Whatever it is, it is the greatest purchase of your life for personal reasons only understandable by you.

For me, I would have to say my ukulele. I love it! Always wanted to have one but a few years back a musician friend of mine wanted to go check out Steve's downtown and we walked in out of the blue. I was drawn to the ukuleles instantly and picked out the second cheapest one they had, but it still had a decent sound. It was definitely less than $50 though I can't remember how much exactly. I may have even kept the recept in the little gig bag I ordered for it on E-bay.

Although it is supposed to be so easy to play, I've never had much patience for practice (piano, guitar, etc.). Yet, anytime I pick it up and start plinking away, it just makes me smile. It's an instant mood enhancer/lifter. The sound it makes is delicate and beautiful. I can't tell if there's a community around here for other enthusiasts. I did however come across an amazing website last night. How I missed it before after all the nights looking for ukulele related material is beyond me but Dr. Uke has very good tips for practicing. He also has a great collection of songsheets with audio, tabs & lyrics for wonderful songs for the ukulele. Any beginner or lover of the ukulele should check out his site. Thank you Dr. Uke!

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