Monday, December 3, 2007

A slow but cold month

Winter has come very early this year and I've been procrastinating on my knitting. It's been almost 3 weeks since my last post. Bf's head is covered by some generic retail available toque (in fact I think it might have been free) and I MUST get back on track! There're many reasons to procrastinate like my fingers are cold and dry that they are actually snagging my yarn! I've also been sewing a little on the weekend, not too much. I started making a quilted cover for the sewing machine using left over halloween costume material. The material is slippery and stretchy and being the beginner that I am, the first attempt was quite the disaster. Correction: the first attempt on the first piece of quilting was a disaster.

Anyhoo, last few nights I got back on track and found some very useful articles that I did not read before about knitting intarsia in the round. I think the basic thing that I have to accept is, you can't, but you can do something like it with some adjustments. The adjustment I've chosen now, a third of the way up the Skull pattern, comes from one of Knitty's 2007 Fall patterns. With its simplistic approach, I've been back on the knitting wagon for 2 days. I think I will end up lining the hat with fleece to hide all the ugly string coming out the WS.

There have also been other distractions. Political turmoil at home and abroad. You know, the usual. Seriously though, at home there have been a few troubling issues. First with me and bf, then roommate too. It made me realize yet again and more so than before that our hidden demons can really affect our lives. Even when we keep them hidden, they drive us to things so obviously bad for us but we will deny the root causes even if they were pointed out to us. Sometimes even if we verbally agree and admit the cause, our hearts won't allow us to stop hurting ourselves. Why do we always have to ram our heads against a wall a million times before getting the message? It's really beyond mere stubbornness.

I am Christian, no longer a practicing Catholic. However, this season, aside from the new year's resolutions that need to be made, I actually feel the need to pray and send good wishes to my friends & family. Maybe that's what happens when you're older, you finally realize there are some things you can't do anything about. You can only affect change on things in your control. The rest, if we are lucky enough to still be optimistic, we'll just have to leave to God.

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