Sunday, November 11, 2007

Swelling Skull

It's a fitting name for my current knitting project using the Swell hat pattern from Knitty. I plan on eliminating the waves pattern and incorporating a single skull logo instead. The reason this one is causing my own skull to swell is because it is my first taste of 2 color knitting and I thought at first it would teach me the new skills of stranded knitting.

If I went with the original waves then yes, this is strictly stranded knitting project but as it turns out as, it's more of an intarsia technique. What makes this even harder for me right now is the fact that I am knitting intarsia in the round so I literally need to section off my skull pattern so that the strands carried on the wrong side are no more than an inch long. Another added obstacle is the fact that this yarn from Knit Picks while soft for wool at this price, with the amount I am handling and sweating on it out of frustration, it is already fuzzing and pilling so much it makes it all the more harder to look at my stitches.

Due to all these factors, I am procrastinating on it and diverting to my new Singer Esteem 1732. I just finished a pair of stretch terry pajama pants for bf today. It was pretty frustrating due to the auto-tension mechanism constantly screwing up on me, having to rip the damn thing out of the machine, rethreading, etc. It's taught me that the machine can do well and it is punching through about 5-6 layers of material easily but I definitely need to set a few good habits, no matter how lazy I want to be. In the end, it will mean less work, smoother sewing and just more peace of mind as I pursue this hobby alongside my knitting.

Imagine all the things I can make with these 2 crafts at hand.

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