Monday, December 17, 2007

Busy hands

Christmas is fast approaching and the list of people I suddenly realize I should have a gift for grows. I realize that the holiday seasons is not all about gift giving or receiving and I am usually pretty stingy anyways. Realistically, I only have 6 people on my must-gift list but it's always fun & nice to give out presents. There are at least an additional 8 people/groups of people that I feel should receive a small obligatory gift.

Usually these people get the generics: wine or homemade cookies. Two of these lucky people are relatives who used to live in HK and I've decided this past Thursday (12 days 'til Christmas), to knit up a scarf and a hat for them. This doesn't sound like a lot to most knitting enthusiasts but it is to me. I can most likely finish the hat in 1 night on the weekend. The scarf which contains a pattern of 44 rows X 42 stitch repeated 9X is currently only 4X complete in 4 days. With that amount of progress over 4 days, 2 of which were weekend days, on top of my daily chores, planned grocery trips, extra cookie baking time, last-minute Christmas shopping, etc. Will I finish them in time? I don't even know when I will be seeing them!!

I would also really like to make and finish roommate's 1up Mushroom Headband for Christmas as well. So many things to do, so little time. I wish I could just take time off work to knit/bake up a storm.

BTW: I'm back on WOW; started a new character on the 4 days I took off 2 weeks ago. We did some hardcore leveling in 5 days but I haven't played since that week. I have a level 18 Gnome Mage right now who I desperately want to squeeze in some time for to do some instances with our make-shift guild, on top of all my other hobbies. Everyone else is getting ahead of me again.

I still want to finish my quilted sewing machine cover. I've also been thinking about making my own ball-winder as inspired by David North's Lego Yarn Winder. Although I would preferably not make it out of plastic parts. Oh, so many ideas!

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