Thursday, October 4, 2007

Knitto Relaxo

I decided to compile a list of projects I have completed to include on this blog. It seems pretty short. For 7-8 months of knitting, THAT's all I made? I guess I love knitting but not in that frantic gotta-knit-and-finish everything ASAP mentality. That and I'm not very fast at knitting still. If I go faster, pay a little bit less attenion and it's a guarantee that I'll screw up and end up frogging. I found though that if I don't let myself get too wound up about "finishing", just knit and keep knitting, when I make a mistake and have to unravel, it's not half as frustrating. There's no such thing as a waste of effort or time. It's merely about knitting.

Although I would like to have finished more projects just because I have ideas brewing yet I feel guilt that my previous ideas have not yet come to fruition. Whatever...I love it enough to be relaxed about it. This way I can be at peace.

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