Thursday, October 11, 2007

Current Knitting $$$ Tally

Since I am doing lists...I figured I would tally up my total knitting spending up to this point just to get a rough idea. I'm a little curious as to how much I've put into this hobby since February/March. Note that I am rounding slightly up in many cases to include tax.

$20 - Learn to Knit kit
$45 - yarn for Afghan
$25 - yarn for Barcelona bolero & bag
$100 - yarn for cable bag, secret project, yoga bag, shell scarf
$60 - Denise Interchangeable needles
$10 - set of sock DPNs
$15 - crochet hooks
$10 - sock yarn
$5 - size 4 DPNs
$10 - Sugar N' Cream yarn
$50 - Knitpicks stuff (yarn, notions)
$10 - knitting/sewing notions
$360 TOTAL / 12 projects = approx. $30 per project
8 months since start = $45 per month spending

I suppose that's not too bad. It could be a helluva lot worst. From now it'll mostly be yarn spending anyways since I pretty much have all the needles I need and I am too cheap to buy expensive yarn.

An update on current project(s): started knitting the cable book bag pattern from Garns, ordered stuff from Knitpicks which should be here by now and I am getting super antsy.

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