Friday, September 28, 2007

The Goings On

After finishing the yoga bag, I have been kind of feeling blah about knitting. Up until the final stitches, I was all excited about finishing because I have 3 more projects in my head that needs to be done. Well, technically 4. I have yet to make the shoulder/book bag pattern from the Garns Studio for myself. I should line the Learn-to-Crochet bag. The next 2 projects are would-be gifts for bf and roommate. Bf is gonna get an earflap hat using the Swell pattern on Knitty. For roommate I am doing a custom headband with my first attempt at stranded colorwork and knitting elastic to create a logo of some sort on a solid background. The idea was to pick a simple 8 bit video game character for the logo but because I haven't picked this yet and because I planned on buying the new extremely cheap ($1.99 US!!! Duuude!) sport weight peruvian highland wool on Knitpicks, I have no new yarn to work with.

I was thinking 8-bit Link would be pretty cool, he would match roommate's snowboard jacket in brown & white. On second thought, after going off on a tangeant and looking up more classic video game sprites, Link probably isn't the best. Here're a bunch that could be interesting but with a simple enough color scheme on a solid dark brown or blue background. Gotta decide tonight so I can order the yarn.

So the reason I felt blah was because I had to go back to my In-betweeny Afghan for a bit to tide me over. Except it just kind of bored me so I decided to start working out again instead which is good but now I haven't knit in like 4 days and it doesn't feel right. I have to knit tonight. I MUST!

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