Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Turning over a new short row

So, I finally turned my first heel semi-successfully last night. After about 4 tries at it. At first I realized I was purling on the RS and knitting on the WS, which would not have been that big a deal but I also realized about 30 wrong short rows in, I forgot to Sl1 before knitting/purling to last st, which means I kept knitting the wrapped stitch and doing the same # of stitches on each short row. It actually looked kind of interesting but definitely wrong.

I ripped that up, did the short rows properly the next time but discovered a hole under the vicinity of some wrapped stitches. I must've dropped a stitch by accident with the constant shifting on the DPN's. I couldn't figure out how to undo the loops and reloop them so it is correct with the wraps so I frogged that again.

Third time, I did it half right, slipped that first stitch, wrapped correctly, no dropped stitches, then some rows forgot to slip the stitch. But I said, screw it I'm not ripping it, just do it when you remember, it still looks ok. I just pushed on through and turned all the rows on the heel. Hurrah it almost looks normal! Then the regular full round of the sock began again which meant going back to the 3k 3p ribbing.

During the first few rounds of this, I was shifting the stitches back to the other needles evenly so I had the same # on each needle, instead of half on 1 needle for the heel. I must've YO'd or something because my pattern came out all funny because I had added on a few extra stitches which screwed up my ribbing. FROG!

Ripped it to the end of the heel. I'm not doing THAT again. There was still a gap on the very last wrapped stitch but I did something with it to reduce the gaping hole to a small hole. So yes my first sock is not perfect but I sure learned a lot about paying attention to the heel part of a sock pattern. Anyways, 1st sock now done...OY!

(ps...Yes there is a long hair on the floor that is mine...the carpet needs vacuuming)

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