Friday, July 6, 2007


I'm so excited I just want to go home and do nothing but knit, knit, knit away on the new yarns I got from the LYS. Even though it is so boring at work, I am just giddy with anticipation of getting my hands back on the new secret project, already in progress. If only I could just knit blind, under the desk and have some silly contraption involving functioning or non-functioning prosthetic arms smashing away at the keyboard as if to type as I stare blankly at the screen, silently whispering to myself, counting my stitches and rows. It'd make a hell of a comedy skit, that's for sure.

Anwyays, for just over $100 after taxes, I got 23 balls of yarn in total, enough for 3 bag projects and then some. Everything was purchased on sale. 4 balls of Sublime at only 10% off but the yarn is so soft and smooth I think it's perfect for the project at hand. 9 balls of Artico Mondial, for a cable shoulder bag pattern at Garn Studio. These and the Twilleys Freedom Cotton DK in an awesome yellow I got at an amazing 75% off. The 10 Freedom balls came out to $17.50 all together!!! Amazing! There's nothing like a good sale of anything and everything. The yarns I got for the secret project and Garn's pattern are a little less chunky than they should be but I'll just have to adjust. More details will come later on the progress of the projects and new ideas.

I was a kid in a yarn candy shop! So many colors, so many textures, so much on sale, it was wonderful to touch, feel and dream about. It was difficult to hold myself back but it had to be done. Otherwise I would have about 50 balls of yarn in my house right now. For now, the addiction is sated.

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