Friday, July 6, 2007

Catering to Evil

There is a new game out by Codemasters called Overlord. I have yet to actually play it but from the looks of reviews, screenshots and in-game videos, it's right up my alley. Not being a video game junkie or avid follower of gaming news, I first knew of the game after seeing a TV commercial for it. Instantly, the announcer's description reminded me of previous games I loved and played obsessively like Dungeon Keeper & Black & White. After further research, I learned that it is compared to these games very often.

Going by what I have seen so far, I would liken it to playing WOW as a warlord or hunter except you command a legion of pets instead of one. Each class of pet has its own abilities and weaknesses and they do your bidding like Dungeon Keeper creatures minus the building aspect. It's like Black & White in that your minions will gather materials and treasure for you and you have the ability to sacrifice them for whatever purpose. The rest appears to be story driven with the main purpose of wreaking havoc upon citizens and NPC's in the game world. There isn't much written about the multiplayer aspect of the game but when my computer is upgraded with a new motherboard and chip to specs, I'll let you know. We can probably classify it as a third person RTS RPG.

If you're like me and like to control minions who'll fight your battles, be greedy and gather treasure all day long, sacrifice your own creatures just for laughs, smote your enemies with powerful spells and swarm them with your gruesome army, then you might want to check this one out.

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