Thursday, July 12, 2007

Secret Project

I know it's kind of stupid since I can't show pictures of my secret project. The main part of it is done, it just requires the picot trim (still figuring out how many initial stitches to pick up because I modified the length of the whole piece), sew the seams, a lining, interfacing and then searching for the perfect finishing piece. I'll probably stop by the LYS tomorrow and get a few tips on the picot trim tomorrow, either during store hours during the knitting group that'll happen every Thursday night starting last week.

After that is done, it needs to be shipped off to the receiver and then I'm wondering if I should work on the yoga mat bag, the cable bag or I feel like I should make something with the extra yarn for my bf. He's been whining (jokingly) how I make something for everyone else important in my life but not him yet. He asked me to make him a sweater but well, I do know about the sweater curse so I just told him it takes too long. What would be a good small item to knit for a not at all fussy guy in the middle of summer? He said he wanted wrist bands but I know he's not gonna wear them. I need some ideas.

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