Friday, May 25, 2007

First Bite of the Season

It's a little premature to pat myself on the back but the day after my No Motivation blog, I went for an hour long walk with Hurley after getting home. The exercise was not vigorous but I just want to get myself moving. Honestly, I hate sweating so the thought of exercise grosses me out but at least the nice walk around the neighbourhood parks was relaxing. Luckily I only got one mosquito bite but I fought off quite a few. I suppose it's inevitable but I don't really want to spray myself head to toe with repellent either. It would only add to the ickyness of the whole walk which would discourage me to do it again.
Yesterday was another beautiful day and after seeing the smooth paths in the parks the previous day, I figured it would be a good idea to try rollerblading. I'd say it's been about 2 years since I've put on my Hypno Mayas. The last time was just after the downpayment was paid on the house, during the time between that and the closing date. We thought we would spend time in the neighbourhood parks to check it out. I fell backwards that time and probably had a very mild concussion. I could not remember the walk from the fall to the car.

The time before that when I really tried to skate was probably another 3 years before that. I can remember being decent on them but now, I am terrified of going fast, or down mild slopes. It's pretty embarassing to be in a neighbourhood full of kids and growing teenagers, you don't look much older than them, but you're struggling to move or always on the verge of smashing your face into the sidewalk. I only went for 30 minutes yesterday, didn't cover much ground either as I didn't know how to stop properly. Today, I will try to drag my roommate and boyfriend out with me. Maybe we can do this every week.

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