Wednesday, May 23, 2007

No Motivation

After work yesterday I was supposed to exercise. It has been a whole week now. Yesterday was also my weekly grocery trip after work. I left work at 5:30, traffic jam up to the store took almost 45 minutes, which is preposterous, considering how close it really is. Spent an hour grocery shopping including line ups. Dropped by the bank to deposit $ and dropped off a bag of clothes for donation in the same plaza. By the time I got home, it was 7:30.

Right then I should've done it but the couch was too inviting, plus I wanted to knit some more. I don't think I knitted though. In fact, I have trouble remembering what I did in the next two hours, it's kind of a haze. I know I watched TV but how did those 2 hours go by? When my roommate came home, I was trying to knit while watching On the Lot. We talked for a bit and at 10:30, I had to start making dinner which meant washing all the dishes too. I dragged my ass during that though because we were still chatting and I was kind of distracted.

After eating dinner, I proceeded to make lunch for the next day. By the time everything is done and I sit down in bed it was 12:30 already. What the hell? I didn't even knit a single line (because I picked up stitches from the wrong side) but WHAT THE HELL!? There is not enough time for anything, especially not on the first day back from a weekend. I want and need to exercise but how can I keep myself motivated? I also want and need to knit but for some stupid reason couldn't even do that yesterday.

Yesterday was a pretty terrible day overall. Unproductive at work like always. I guess my time at home was just continuing the trend of the day.

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