Sunday, May 27, 2007

Shrug it off

Thought I'd show the world my progress on the shrug. As you can see, it's only missing the trim along the neckline & down the front. I tried to take some close up shots to show the fuzz that I was talking about but I don't think the details turned out too well. Also, my dog kept trying to get into the picture. She's thinking, "You ignore me when you knit, now you're taking pictures of your knitting and ignoring me?!"

I was hoping to finish this tonight so I could give it to my mom when I went over for dinner but she's busy and it also doesn't look like it'll be done. I guess it'll be another week. Oh also, instead of picking up stitches so that the seam is hidden, I did it backwards. I realized it was a mistake at first but I also kind of liked the way it looks. The ones on the sleeves especially, just seems to add a little something. I'm not so sure if it works as well on the back though, seems more pronounced...

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