Monday, June 4, 2007

~ My Barcelona ~

Here it is! My finished Barcelona bolero. I showed it to the eventual owner of this tonight when I visit my mom. She was quite happy about it. I still say it doesn't really fit her properly but a mother will love whatever her daughter knits her.

Anyways, I was kind of miffed because the pattern was for M, and it is clearly a S. Also it said to use 4 balls of Homespun and this took 3.01 balls. I was down to my last 2 rows when I had to start the last ball, and then let's say about 15 feet to do the seams. So now I have one slightly used ball of yarn that I can't return. The first to add to my virgin stash. OR, i was thinking, maybe I can make a one ball clutch using the same stitch pattern motif to go with it.

I was thinking of something like this so that means I need to get mini dowels and head down to the fabric store to find some nice lining. I'm not a big fan of the ribbon, although this is a better/classier version already. Some designs have a very cutesy ribbon and I just don't think that would suit my mom. As I still have very little experience in knitting, designing this will be quite a rewarding challenge. There are some other clutch patterns like this out there but I think the resulting clutch is flat. I have some studying and sketching to do.

Here're some other nice examples but probably too much sewing involved for me right now.
1) Frisky Hand Knit Clutch
2) Determined Cable Knit Clutch
3) Cabled Clutch Purse (pattern)

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