Monday, June 18, 2007

Summer backyard fun!

My mom moved into a new house recently and had her deck finished this past weekend. The wood is quite nice (don't know what kind it is). It is smooth, comfortable and stepping on it barefoot, it feels like sauna wood. They were getting everything ready for a housewarming party with some friends this Saturday and enlisted my help with the assembly of a few key items for summer backyard fun. Friday night, I built the barbeque with my mom's boyfriend in a little under 2 hours.

Saturday, I put together the patio chairs on my own while he was out running errands for the party. When he came back, we put together the table together then spent almost 4 more hours on the gazebo. The thing was kind of a pain because we made a mistake at some point and had to figure out what we did wrong but the end result with the addition of the black rattan furniture is just awesome.

I'm quite proud of myself for being handy enough. In fact, to continue my handy-woman's weekend, I took apart my scooter today to see where the carburetor is so next weekend, I will learn to clean it from my bf.

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