Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Another thing to do!

I have been putting off doing maintenance on the Ruckus because I wasn't going to get a license or insurance. But that's not gonna stop me from riding around in the small streets...where all the youn'uns are. After a long winter of sitting there, I have a bunch of stuff to do to it or it might not even start. I know roommate & bf know how to do it because they do it for their bikes too but they already went through 2 bikes, have 1 more to do and I'm sure they don't want to deal with my dinky scooter. It would be good for me to learn anyways. I have a manual at home that I need to read and understand. From reading forums & sites, here's a list of what needs to be changed, cleaned or checked:

1) oil
2) oil filter screen
3) rear end fluid
4) air filter
5) air filter seals
6) carb
7) spark plug
8) radiator flush - not sure what that even means
9) tire pressure
10) brakes
11) mirrors - some dude backed out of a parking spot and hit bf, knocking him and scooter down, snapped the mirror right off!

You know, by the time I figure out and do all this, it'll be winter again.

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bunnnyfoofoo said...

I have a Ruckus like yours. Don't you love it? I do-

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