Friday, May 7, 2010

Best Eyeliner EVER!

It has been months since I've written anything on my "hobbies" blog but well, I've been fairly busy. In September I started a new job which I actually care about. Since I am a slightly just over the border workaholic, I put in the full official 8 hours and then some, plus a 2+ hours commute there and back. With that and daily chores like tidying up, making dinner, etc. it doesn't leave too much time for leisure. I usually get about an hour or so of personal down time. Either I can sit down, tap away on my iPod, workout, be healthy or pig out to bust stress. OR I could actually go to bed early to catch up on some sleep.

Anyway, the sad point is that I rarely knit or sew now. I still have lots of ideas for all kinds of projects. We bought an Arduino kit for Christmas and I have 2 different programming projects in the back of my head plus the ambitious programming project to simplify things at work which I am really excited about but have no time to do. By the way, I am not a programmer by trade. Now, in my semi spare time during the commute I read free public domain ebooks or listen to audiobooks and frenchpod101 lessons. My French has improved a ton!

À propos de ce article, I am using a new eyeliner which I am so happy with in every way I just had to blog about it. It's the new Maybelline Eyestudio cream eyeliner. I bought it on sale at $6 plus tax on sale at Shoppers Drug Mart.

The eyeliner is available in 4 colors: Blackest Black, Charcoal, Brown & Eggplant. It comes in a small pot the same as most other cream eyeliners out on the market. The good thing is that it is packaged with a little brush that isn't like the usual eyeliner brushes. Usually when you buy a single eyeliner brush it either has a flattened brush shape with a straight edge or it is a very small watercolor brush with a pointed tip. This one is more like a mini foundation brush, flat with a more tapered edge instead of rounded like most foundation brushes. It lets you build a thick or fine line so it is easy to create different looks. It works very well with the consistency of the cream liner - just perfect.

The cream is also waterproof. It does not smudge at all after a full day. Unlike the liquid liners, it is much easier to work with. With non-waterproof liquid eyeliners, you better not get teary-eyed at a movie, have allergies or god forbid walk in the rain. Sometimes you blink and you'll have black spots at the corners of your eyes. Or with the waterproof liquid liner varieties, a mistake means breaking out all your other tools to rub it off, causing your lids to become red and swollen.

With the Eyestudio liner, when you make a mistake, just a little water/saliva :P will erase it. At the end of the day, it comes off easily with eye makeup remover. No need to rub hard and basically scrape the paint off your face with a cotton pad.

I also want to note that I wear contacts and the Eyestudio liner did not irritate me at all. I even apply it right to my bottom inner lash line - a trick I learned from a makeup artist back in my camera trainee days. Application to the inner lash lines make you look more awake instantly without looking like you have any makeup on. This liner stayed on, no smudging on my bottom inner lash line during allergy season, all day long. I mean it faded a little bit but I am way too lazy to touch up throughout the day. THIS passed all my liner requirements with a thousand gold stars.

Thank you Maybelline for creating such an amazing product. I do believe it is the Holy Grail at the end of my lengthy search for the perfect eyeliner. I know there are really good cream liners out there but they cost so much, I just can't justify spending that amount to feed my vanity! But this is so amazing and affordable, I just had to write about it.

I love it!

* FYI I also got engaged during Christmas and have been procrastinating on the planning.

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