Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Crazy crabs gave me a scare

I went to our little crab shack tonight, turned on the light to see how the little babies are doing. To my horror, Pebbles was smack dab in the middle of the tank, submerged in water, flipped over on her back and by all appearances, dead! I observed for a few minutes and saw no signs of movement. Bambam is hiding out in a corner, staying still but had signs of life.

I ran to my bf and said, "I think the little one is dead..."
He was talking on the phone but he whispered, "Just poke her, she's fine."

I found the tweezers we use to feed them fish flakes with and poked. No movement.
I gently picked her up by her claws and there may have been movement. Or it may have been the joints just moving due to gravity. Finally I flipped her onto her legs right out of the water onto their big perching rock. Well, she didn't collapse but there was scarcely any movement I still thought she was dead or at least very sick.

Finally I picked up a bunch of fish flakes and dumped it right in front of her. Slowly, very slowly, she stirred and jammed a huge piece of fish flake into her mouth, chewed a little and stopped moving again. Maybe she's just sleeping but now there's a big piece of fish flake sticking out of her mouth.

What strange little creatures they are!

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