Friday, January 18, 2008

Curiously Lacey

I have several projects that need to be started & done before I can allow myself to purchase new yarn but for some gosh darn reason I just don't want to start them yet. I somehow became interested in lace construction. I read up on Eunny Jang's articles, thought I got a handle, attempted to draw a simple lace chart which turned out pretty disastrous even after several now I am just doing small swatches of patterns from Knittingfool.

I don't know if it's just me but usually the end of the row is slightly wrong or something. Anyways, I've knit up 3 different patterns so far across 28 stitches. It's interesting how they come together where established left or right leaning columns will continue to sway surrounding stitches in the new pattern.

Knit bottom up obviously but listed top to bottom:
3) Overlapping Waves (10 rows - multiple of 6 + 4 st)
2) Diamond Spanish Lace - (8 rows - multiple of 8 + 4 st)
1) Travelling Vine - (12 rows - multiple of 8 + 4 st)

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