Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween Aftermath

So...there isn't much of an aftermath. All I know is I bought 2 boxes of candy (I know it isn't a lot) and we were out completely after only an hour. I went straight home yesterday to carve the other pumpkin and it's a shame the jack-o-lantern was only in use for about 2 hours. It looks nice, traditional but well made. I'm pretty proud of it. I just hafta figure out something with the seeds now. Definitely will roast but how and what flavours?

While handing out candy last night I decided to put my costume on for the latter 45 minutes just so my bloody pilgrim get-up would see the light of day (dark of night). We didn't end up going to the costume party last Saturday. It's a long story and one I don't care to repeat but I did finish the costumes mostly. The turkey could've been more finished but as is, it is passable as a turkey. I'm not 100% satisfied with my pilgrim costume either just because my craftsmanship is super shoddy on it but practice makes perfect and once I get my b-day present from roommate & bf (Singer Esteem 1732) I can practice and sew all sorts of crazy stuff on this apparently heavy-duty home sewing monster. I was skeptical about its abilities because online it only costs between $99-$130 US. I just figured how good or powerful can a $150 and under machine be? Anyways, when it arrives it will be put to the test.

Knitting update: Been procrastinating on bf's skull hat. Started to knit a dinky little sweater with cheap Sean Sheep yarn from Walmart for my bf's sister's new puppy (a pomeranian & chihuahua mutt). I figured it would take 1 maybe 2 nights, the thing is under 3 lbs! It's been longer because I've never worked with such bulky novelty yarn. However once finished it'll be neat because the texture will be like blue cotton candy.

Finally been invited to Ravelry-beta. Looked around, it's pretty neat. It takes more time and dedication to keep up-to-date. Also I don't really want to start a profile on Flickr just to get photos up but then my Ravelry profile has no pictures and sans pictures, the whole Ravelry thing is kind of useless. Well, just my 2 cents.

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